Will the initial assessment cost me anything?

No, the initial assessment is absolutely free of charge

If I have an assessment will I have to accept services?

No, the initial assessment is completely without obligation.

Do I have to have a service every day?

No, our services are completely flexible. You don’t even have to have a service every week. After initial assessment you can have a service at whatever intervals you wish, even on an ad hoc basis. We only ask that you give 24 hour notice to cancel a service you have already booked.

Who decides what kind of help and support I need?

You and your chosen representatives do.  At the initial assessment, our senior carer will discuss in depth with you, your needs, wants, priorities and preferences. You can decide exactly how you would like your care package designed and organised. You can decide the times you would like help and what you would like the carers or home helps to do, and what you would like to do for yourself with assistance or without. If you have had an assessment of need by the local authority or NHS, we will incorporate their care plan into what we do for you, but always with a view to putting you in charge of your own quality of life.

What if I want to increase or decrease my services?

You are free to change you services in any way you wish. All we ask for

is 24 hours notice to cancel any services you have already booked.

Are there limits on the times I can have a service?

No, we have a range of services available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We do however work a minimum of 1 hour up to 24/7. We feel strongly that as we are a quality service, we cannot offer services of less than an hour.

What if I need to contact you out of office hours?  

Our telephone lines are open for both our offices 24/7. When we are not at the office the lines are diverted to our mobile telephone and taken home with us.

There will be a senior member of staff on hand to help you at all times.

Can I get help to pay for care services?

Yes, in most cases. Help can be available in the form of Attendance Allowance, Direct Payments, Self-Directed Support or from the Independent Living Fund. To see if you eligible for those sources of funding or for any other source of funding you may need to have an assessment of need done by a social worker or

health professional.

How can I pay for my services?

We raise an invoice at the end of each calendar month. You can pay by cheque, cash or by direct bank transfer.

How are your services regulated?

We are registered with the Care Inspectorate to provide Care at Home services

to clients aged 16 years and over. The Care Inspectorate carries out regular inspections of our services and may ask your opinion of how we are doing.

We are graded following each inspection and these grades can be found through the link on our home page, where you will find our latest inspection report.

Are you insured?

We carry full employee and public liability insurance which covers the work our carers and home help do in your home. We would advise you to inform your home contents insurer that you have carers coming into your home to ensure that your possessions are covered properly.

What if my carer doesn't turn up?

If your carer doesn’t turn up, please call the office as soon as you can so that we can find out why. If necessary, we will send a replacement as soon as we can.

What if my carer is off sick or on holiday?

When our staff go off sick or are on holiday, we will normally replace them with another carer. If you do not have an urgent need, it is your choice whether you wish a replacement or would prefer to wait until your regular carer comes back.

Our office staff will give you that option by telephoning you to ask what you would like us to do. If you have an urgent need, it is very likely that you will have more than one carer who is familiar to you. We will try to replace your carer with another you know already. If this is not possible we will call you to tell you who is coming.

How are my services reviewed?

Your services are reviewed on a six monthly basis unless you need a more frequent review.  The review will be conducted by a senior carer and you can involve anyone you want to in the process. Close friends and family often have

a useful insight into how things are working or when things need to be changed.

Can my carer take me out?

Yes, our carers can accompany you out walking, on the bus, in a taxi or even

in a car. We have Smart cars to take clients out. We can arrange escorts to appointments, visits to theatres and cinema, shopping trips or even day trips.

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