Covering all aspects of personal care, such as bathing, showering and visits to the toilet, our carers can assist you to rise in the morning or to help you into bed in the evening. We can also help with continence care, pressure care, fluid intake and diet.

Before any services are carried out, our client’s personal requirements are assessed by a senior carer. This ensures that the care package put in place is fully aligned to the care needs of the individual.

Visits can vary from a minimum of 1 hour through to full time care 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Dependent on the level of care required, there may be situations where more than one carer is needed. We have the ability to deliver care packages designed to make life as comfortable as possible. Our home care service includes:

- Bathing

- Showering

- Continence care

- Dressing

- Morning visits

- Washing

- Pressure area care

- Fluids and diet

- Mobility

- 24 Hour care

- Evening visits

- Toilet visits

If there are any other services you wish help with, we are happy to discuss individual needs.

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